Personal and Professional Executive Coaching

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Lou has written …

several manuals: Outplacement for Executives, Training for HR Managers and How to Succeed as an HR Consultant. In addition she has authored and facilitated several training programs: WE Company, Wellness = Wholeness, Change, Teambuilding, Customer Service, Conflict Resolution and the Art of Using the Whole Brain. She is certified in the Ned Herrmann Brain Dominance assessment tool. Her interpersonal skills are intuitive, empathic, encouraging and challenging. 

Lou has worked …

and consulted with, including McDonnell Douglas, ADP, Boeing, Bank One, AMCORE Financial, Coldwell Banker, Staples, Rosecrance Health Network, Swedish American Health System, Mathers Clinic, NECA and Door County Memorial Hospital. The above is only a short list. 

Why am I Coaching ?

"I am a coach because I am passionate about helping people get what they most want in their life."  Lou Cator

Personal and Professional Executive Coaching


Is your career, or your company in the funk. Maybe I can help you! Coaching is about forward movement.  A  coach helps clients discover their purpose and goals and then establish steps to achieve them. The coaching relationship is confidential, safe and empowering.

Lou Cator has been coaching corporate and individual clients for many years. She has participated as an expert executive coach on television and radio programs, as well as written pieces for popular magazines and the business and trade press.

The training and background in this field have led her to believe that effective coaching needs to take into account the whole corporation or person and their context, not just focus on isolated occurrences.  Successful coaching means helping corporations or personal understand conditions better and identify real (or perceived) barriers to progress.

What are the benefits of a coach?

  • Clarification of directions and priorities
  • Development of short/long term goals
  • Accountability to actualize change
  • Encouragement and recognition of achievements

What you can expect from your coach?

  • A passion to help you discover and clarify your goals
  • Support in defining and designing your action steps
  • A commitment to the principles of accountability, trust, and respect
  • What is the structure of coaching work?

Your Coach Is:

  • Your Partner / Motivator
  • Your Champion / Mentor
  • Your sounding board
  • Your unconditional support
  • Your co-designer for projects
  • Your beacon in stormy times
  • Your wake-up call



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