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A Revisit to Tolerations – Rockford – Chicago Area

If I say yes to people-pleasing, then what am I saying no to? When I say yes to something that I wanted to say no to:

  •     I get mad at myself
  •     I feel rushed
  •     I am over-whelmed
  •     I don’t have enough time
  •     I don’t get paid enough
  •     I resent being asked
  •     I question friendship
  •     I am being taken advantage
  •     I’m working hard now
  •     Why me?

So ask yourself these questions before you say YES!

What is the cost to me?” The cost to you is lost sleep, resentment, off-balance, not being in control of your own desires, etc!

WHAT DO I HAVE TO GIVE UP?” You have to give up the feelings that you are the only person that can accomplish the task and that you can say NO!

HOW WILL I FEEL?”  At first you will feel strange when you exercise your right to say NO.  With practice saying NO will become easier and easier!

HOW WILL THE OTHER PERSON FEEL?” You must understand that you cannot control anyone’s feelings.  They decide what they will feel, however, I know that they will have a different perspective of you.

WHAT IS MY RESPONSIBILITY?”  Your responsibility is to create your best self!

As your coach I will hold you accountable for achieving your goal to give up being a people-pleaser.  Contact me for a complimentary coaching session.

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